"Cooperate Services - Who We Are"

MY SPECIAL ASSISTANT, owned by Suzanne Kauss,  is a company with a bonded and
insured Concierge Team to look after your employees' life-work requirements.  The
benefits to the employer are:

Suzanne has been in the corporate world for over 20 years.  Her last position was that
of a Sr. Vice President of a $2.8 billion company.  In 1996 she was voted and received
the "100 Most Powerful Women in Travel" award.

She understands Employees place substantial value on their incentives known today
as “perkamonics”.   

Bringing the concept of helping Employees obtain good “life-work balance” through a
non taxable benefit such as a concierge service is not new to McHenry.

The credentials Suzanne brings to the “We Care Program” is from constantly teaching
1200 company owned businesses how to retain their Employee investment.

Suzanne is from an old time McHenry family who owned and operated a retail
business for 9 years in town before leaving to pursue her corporate career.

She was very active in the McHenry Chamber, Zoning Board of Appeals, and received
the Person of the Year award.

And she is again in business as developer and owner of MY SPECIAL ASSISTANT.

Increase Productivity             Company work becomes Priority #1
Improve Moral                          Reduce Absente